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Features & Benefits
Includes a variety of easy-to-grow seeds!
Evviva's Terrarium Kit includes a wide range of easy-to-grow seeds including turnips, raddishes, and beets.  Seeds typically sprout in 3-4 days!  No actual vegetables will grow in the jar, but we have included extra seeds for you to plant outside.  
Includes extra seeds that you can plant outside!
The terrarium jar is too small to grow actual vegetables.  So, we decided to include extra turnip, raddish, and beet seeds that you can plant outside.  Have fun growing these plants with your family!
Decorate it any way you want!
Our Amazing Terrarium Kit includes glow-in-the-dark stickers, regular stickers, and miniature figurines for decorations.  Have fun with your family decorating it any way you want!
Learn some science also!
Watch daily as your seeds germinate and grow.  The transparent terrarium jar gives you an excellent view of the roots, and the kit comes with a FREE bonus botany eBook for your family to enjoy!
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Good Luck!  The contest ends on June 1st.
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